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Chemical Reactions

  1. Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin?

    Hello all. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Last night my daughter over-used her diaper and the gel was coming out of the diaper this morning when she got up. My husband got up with her and called me in to see "this stuff" that was in her diaper. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed that she had some of this "gel" was on her skin. Now tonight I noticed that in the same spot she has a silver dollar sized red welt on her belly. It seems to be getting worse as the day went on...I didn't really notice it too much throughout the day until about 7pm tonight when my hubby asked me about it. Can this stuff really burn her skin to create a welt like that?? Could there be some other reason she has this welt? Has anyone else had trouble with this?


  2. Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin?

    With my first, that happened to us, too. I simply would not use disposables again after that. It seemed to happen with nearly every brand of disposables we tried, with some being worse than others, but strange things happening with every one of them, and no definite data about what happens to their reproductive organs with all those strange things next to their skins for such a long time when they are developing so much and so fast?

    So, we switched to cloth. We like the Mother-ease cloth diapers, the one-size ( I am now using them on my 4th little one, and find diaper rashes an easy thing to deal with. When we used disposables, the children would nearly constantly have a diaper rash and issues from the diapers. With cloth, the rashes, when they get them, are short-lived.


  3. Can Disposable Diapers Burn a Baby's Skin

    This is a tough issue to answer since Pampers and Huggies were BOTH sued for this exact situation.  The cases were settled out of court.


    Disposable diapers are made of a lot of unnatural ingredients that can definitely cause allergic reactions.  The gel crystals are made of sodium polyacrylate.



    It is definitely not unheard of for a reaction such as this to occur when their fragile skin comes in contact with the gel. Some kids don't have a reaction but a lot do.

    It is of note that the disposable diaper industry is a self regulating industry, in other words they are not overseen by ANY government body, and each manufacturer determines if their product is safe to use.  Unlike the diaper cleaning service industry, which has guidlines and organizations like the RDIA and RDA.  Basso is registered with both!

    Cloth dipering is super easy.Check them out! They've come a long ways over the last few yrs and it only add a load of laundry per week using a laundry service.

  4. Can Disposables REALLY burn my baby?

    I noticed the other day that my daughter back was very red. The next day there had appeared to be a small blister that had been poped. Today it looks like this.... I found out that it is a chemical burn. So I am thinking how on earth did this happen to my 1 year old daughter, and it turns out shes not the first baby its happened to. Papmpers crusiers diapers have a chemical in them that when mixed with urine or stool can give the baby a chemical burn. These dipears have not had a recall on them, I urge everyone to tell there friends and family to not use pampers with DRY MAX anymore!


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