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Quotes I was born with a congenital condition, I grew up in disposable diapers, then came across Helen and Basso Diapers. What a relief! No more gel burns, and only one diaper rash since switching to cloth and learning what the causes of these painful situations were. Helen has an excellent kind loving demeanor. She has walked me patiently through the process and solved EVERY problem I have encountered. Quotes
Tina Worischeck
Satisfied user

Quotes I was one of the first to have Helen washing my diapers. I wanted to use cloth, but having twins and working full time was a little more than I could handle alone. Helen stepped in and opened her business doors to me. I had less problems with diaper rash and the boys were toilet trained at the age of 2. The idea of not throwing away things and reusing what I have left me without guilt. Quotes
Mother of Twins

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