Basso Charity Works

We at Basso Diaper Service have ALWAYS believed in helping others!  To us it is a vital part of life.

We start out as children wanting to help Mommy and Daddy so we can grow up to be like them.  As we grow we learn it feels good when you help others.  So since early childhood Helen believed in helping others to help herself feel good about what she does.  Basso Charity Works is a natural evolution of a company founded by Helen Wolfe and her charitable spirit.

Basso Charity Works is founded on the belief that everyone who needs diapers and cannot afford the initial outlay for diapers should be entitled to the ability to start out with cloth.  We are continually gathering pre-owned cloth diapers for this purpose.  We graciously request and accept donations of pre-owned cloth diapers,  We will do our level best to make them look and smell as new as possible before passing them on to those in need.  Our first concern with preowned diapers is sanitization.  This step prevents the transmission of yeast and bacteria from any of our products to the next user.  We need diapers of ALL sizes to fit every imaginable person.

Helen has helped to care for people of all ages and understands it is not just babies who need cloth diapers.   People of all ages and sizes need diapers to absorb the urine and feces over which they cannot control whether due to a medical condition or gerontology.  If you can help supply some diapers, they would be graciously accepted and dispersed to those the most in need.

We have several people on a waiting list of qualified applicants, of all ages, due to low income levels.

Basso Charity Works is now a site for the "Cloth 4 Every Bum" Organization to get cloth diapers to those who are debating the use of cloth diapers, so they can try a variety of types and manufacturers on a loaner program.  This method allows people to make an informed decision regarding the best use, make and manufacturer for their specific needs.
Basso Diapers is also working with Sweet Heart Baby Boutique to start a "Real Diaper Circle" in the city of Windsor to help get the word out.
Basso Charity Works will soon be starting a new effort called Windsor Families Deserve the Best.  This organization will offer low income households a complete stash of diapers all their own.  The only condition they will be held to is when they are finished with the need for cloth diapers they return them to Basso Charity Works.  There are income level qualifications for this program only because we have limited resources.  As our resources increase, the income qualifications will decrease.  Talk to us about your own personal circumstances and let us see where we can help you.

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